Our Approach

Building For Life

After three decades in development and property management, we at Pennyfarthing Homes have come to know precisely what our homeowners really want and need.

First, we find sites with proven value. Then, we clearly identify whom we’re building for – and hold that buyer clearly in mind throughout the process. This clarity allows every decision – from the foundation to the gable to all the extra features that have become a Pennyfarthing Homes hallmark– to have a clear purpose. This makes every detail work together seamlessly, for a home that elevates the experience of living.

The Pennyfarthing Group was established in 1980, and is comprised of Pennyfarthing Development Corp., Pennyfarthing Construction Co. Ltd. and Pennyfarthing Management Corp., which are all under the day-to-day direction of the President and CEO, Dr. Anthony Hepworth, and his son, Geoffrey Hepworth.

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