Our Values

For over 40 years, Pennyfarthing has been building homes throughout Greater Vancouver. However, our story is so much more than the communities that we’ve built – ours is a story of family and the relationships that we’ve created, fostered, and celebrated along the way.

Building quality homes requires the combined effort of an exceptional team working together well. The foundation of our Company’s longevity is that we truly enjoy what we do and who we work with. We partner with architects, designers, engineers, builders, and tradespeople who share the same values that we do and demand the same level of quality in their work. Together with our great partners we deliver homes of the highest standard.

Our Team

Pennyfarthing Homes began in 1980, a partnership between Anthony Hepworth and Ken Stevenson, both professional engineers.  Today, Pennyfarthing Homes remains a family company, guided by Anthony Hepworth and a dedicated team of experts.  As a guiding philosophy, we have always believed that information drives successful decision making and that for our team to reach its full potential we must fully understand the development process.  Therefore, we take a collaborative approach to our work; all departments are involved in the decision-making process and education of others.  The comprehensive understanding that our team possesses allows us to design better, build faster, and deliver superior quality in all that we do.

Homeowner Testimonials